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Meet our podcast panelists, ready to answer your questions:

Have a Question About Developing Social Business Strategies?  

  • Ask Vanessa DiMauro – CEO of Leader Networks, and Forbes Top 40 Social Marketing Masters Worldwide

Building Your Community?

  • Ask Ric Dragon – Author of Social Marketology. CEO of Dragon Search

Metrics That Matter?

  • Ask Ted Shelton – Vice President, Consulting – Customer Solutions Practice at Cognizant Technology Solutions

The Challenge of Content?

  • Ask Michael Brito – Author of Smart Business, Social Business and Your Brand: The Next Media Company. Group Director at WCG, a W2O Company

Social Media Training and Employee Advocacy?

  • Ask Liz Bullock –  CEO & Co-Founder at Social Arts & Science Institute, LLC (SASI)

How to be Effective Through LinkedIn?

  • Ask Chuck Hester – Senior PR/Marketing Executive, Speaker/Trainer – How to Use LinkedIn, Host, LinkedConversations

B2B Marketing?

  • Ask Natascha Thomson – Chief Innovator at MarketingXLerator, a Marketing Consultancy with a focus on social media, and co-author of the book, 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing.

Social at Scale for Enterprise?

  • Ask Rob Peacock – Vice President, Strategic Alliances at Sprinklr

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