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CiQ Podcast – Live From the Employee Advocacy Summit 2014!

CiQEpisode 010

In this episode:  Welcome back to our show! After a brief hiatus, and whole new name change, we are back in action!  Today, we have a special treat, a live/recorded version of our podcast straight from the 2014 Employee Advocacy Summit presented with The Social Shake-Up 2014. Together with my four panelists of the day, we take on questions directly from our audience of awesome summit attendees. It’s a super fun session with lots of laughs mixed in with the nitty gritty of the day. Definitely a conversation you don’t want to miss!

This week’s questions are answered by Liz BullockMichael BritoChris Boudreaux, and Susan Emerick

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Questions answered:

  • How to calculate the value of social reach?
  • What are the internal benefits to an organization with an Employee Advocacy program?
  • Employee Advocacy feels like what the internet felt like in 1995, shouldn’t be quit looking to technology to tell the story? Shouldn’t be be able to get executive buy-in based on common sense beliefs?
  • How do you get employees to relate to the brand story so that when they are sharing through an advocacy program, they remain authentic while staying on brand?
  • Where will this take us? And why is it important for organizations to on-board now?
  • What is the green light analogy in regard to legal considerations?
  • At what point is this way too much work in relation to number of employees?
  • How do you equip employees regionally for different international markets and offices?

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Full list of podcast panelists: Ric DragonMichael BritoVanessa DiMauroTed SheltonLiz BullockChuck HesterNatascha Thomson, and Rob Peacock

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