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In today’s ever changing world of social business and digital transformation, staying up to date with cutting edge technology and best practices is not easy.

Here’s your chance to ask your favorite industry thought leaders any and all of your burning questions! Get relevant advice from those who know best.


It’s easy. Here’s what you do… 

Call this number for the our Helpline:

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When prompted, record your question, and hang up. Then, your question will be selected for a future podcast.

The questions will be given to the corresponding podcast expert in that specialized field of social business, and your recorded question and answer will be synced together in one of our podcast episodes! It’s that simple!

As our podcast gets rolling and picks up speed, feel free to also call in any comments on previous podcasts, if you feel you have additional advice. For instance, “I’m calling about Podcast #1, and the caller’s question about… I also think this would be a good solution…” We will be using the last 5 minutes of the show for running listener comments.

Thanks so much for your help getting this off the ground! We look forward to building a community tool that adds value to everyone involved.

Partial list of our podcast social business leaders:

Have a Question About Developing Social Business Strategies?  

  • Ask Vanessa DiMauro – CEO of Leader Networks, and Forbes Top 40 Social Marketing Masters Worldwide

Building Your Community?

  • Ask Ric Dragon – Author of Social Marketology. CEO of Dragon Search

Metrics That Matter?

  • Ask Ted Shelton – Vice President, Consulting – Customer Solutions Practice at Cognizant Technology Solutions

The Challenge of Content?

  • Ask Michael Brito – Author of Smart Business, Social Business and Your Brand: The Next Media Company. Group Director at WCG, a W2O Company

Social Media Training and Employee Advocacy?

  • Ask Liz Bullock –  CEO & Co-Founder at Social Arts & Science Institute, LLC (SASI)

How to be Effective Through LinkedIn?

  • Ask Chuck Hester – Senior PR/Marketing Executive, Speaker/Trainer – How to Use LinkedIn, Host, LinkedConversations

B2B Marketing?

  • Ask Natascha Thomson – Chief Innovator at MarketingXLerator, a Marketing Consultancy with a focus on social media, and co-author of the book, 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing.

Social at Scale for Enterprise?

  • Ask Rob Peacock – Vice President, Strategic Alliances at Sprinklr

Whatever your question, we will find an answer for you…

Call our helpline, today!  

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