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Denise Holt, CEO and Founder of Collaborative IQ, Inc., a leading voice in Social Media Strategy and Social Intelligence Solutions.

Who am I? … A few random thoughts:

Life is an adventure, and I am all in… I am inspired by kindness, creativity, intelligence, playfulness and clever humor. I think “possibility” is one of the best words in life.

I have been an entrepreneur since my early 20’s, and I have co-founded and operated businesses ranging from local service companies, to a design showroom, to global commercial importing.

People always assume that I must be right-brained because I am an artist, but I believe I am equally both right and left-brained. I am creative, but I am also very rational and logical in my thinking.

I LOVE technology, and I love learning new things. I love exploring BIG IDEAS. My best friends are people who share this passion and engage in this kind of intellectual excitement and challenge me in my thinking. I try to surround myself with people I can learn from, people who can show me how to look at things in new ways.

I really appreciate comedy that is smart and clever. I love it when an idea, expression or circumstance is bent just enough to be hilariously out of context. My brain just tends to work this way.

A positive attitude is everything! I don’t understand people who spend a lot of time finding things to complain about. I am inspired by people who love life and who are resilient and persevere… people who see the good in life and focus on those things. There is joy to be found in every situation.

What am I doing now?

CMO, GratZeez, Inc.

CEO and Founder of Collaborative IQ, Inc.

Advisory Board Member, EveryoneSocial, Inc.

Social business speaker, author, trainer and strategy consultant, with comprehensive insight as an educator in the area of Brand Development, Customer Experience, Brand Advocacy, & Employee Engagement and Advocacy programs in both internal and external corporate communications.

– Co-Creator and Co-Host of the 2014 Employee Advocacy Summit, presented by Social Media Today

– Partnered with Social Media Today for The Social Shake-Up 2013 & 2014

– Partnered with BrightTalk for two day BrightTalk Summit on the subject of Employee Advocacy

Effective, diverse communication skills as a writer, speaker and podcaster:

– Creator & Host of the Collaborative IQ Podcast

– Educator for the Institute of Human Resources – qualifying HR professionals with certification credits through’s Social Media and Employee Communications Virtual Conferences.

– Webinar speaker for the Association of National Advertisers, Social Media Today, BrightTalk

Continually in a state of learning and sharing within the social media professional community, staying up to date with the ever-changing tools, cutting edge technologies, channels, and innovative uses of content to excite and engage communities, as well as monitoring/listening and measuring for success. Visit me on LinkedIn


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