Assessing Company Culture for Social Business Transformation [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Employee Advocacy and the Employee-Brand Relationship Model

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The Relevance Emergency – Gen X in a Millennial World

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Talkwheel: The Future of Social Conversations

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Why Urban Decay Cosmetics is Positioned to Succeed With Social Media

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Episode 008, Celebrating the Grand Re-Launch of Social Media Today! SBH Podcast

SI_SocialBusinessHelpline_Podcast_Icon_180x180In this episode:  Today we have the pleasure of announcing the Grand Re-Launch of! Listen as the champagne glasses ring in the good news with Robin Carey, Founder and CEO of Social Media Today, as we discuss the website’s all new marketplace feature, and the improved community functionality behind  the redesign. Also, get an inside look at the highlights of the upcoming 2014 Employee Advocacy Summit, hosted by Denise Holt, Chris Boudreaux, and Susan Emerick, and The Social Shake-Up 2014 this September in Atlanta.  

This week’s questions are answered by Paul Cowie, Chuck Hester,  Ric Dragon, and Natascha Thomson.

You ask! … Industry leaders answer! Call in and be on our podcast with us!

Questions answered:

  • How do you protect both the employer and employee when the employer is providing content and mobilizing employees as advocates for the brand?
  • How important is the new LinkedIn Feature that ranks your popularity? Is it trying to compete with Klout? What is the purpose of it?
  • Should you have a presence on all social media channels?
  • What the heck is Growth Hacking?

Links mentioned in this episode:

Full list of podcast panelists: Ric DragonChris BoudreauxMichael BritoTed SheltonLiz BullockChuck Hester , Natascha Thomson, and Rob Peacock

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